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Hosted Desktops in Healthcare: HIPAA Compliance, EMR Meaningful Use, and More

Hosted desktops can benefit healthcare organizations in the following areas: accessibility, management and maintenance, security, disaster recovery, and compliance. Hosted desktops allow healthcare professionals to access all of their files and applications from anywhere and with any device, all from within a single solution. The accessibility of hosted desktops is Read More

Hosted Desktops in Finance: Better Coordination with Your Branches, and Better Protection for Your Client’s Data

For financial services organizations, hosted desktops can make it easier to manage and support all of their users; maintain security and compliance; and allow employees to continue working in the event of an IT disaster. Many financial services organizations have multiple branches in addition to their main headquarters—and some Read More

Hosted Desktops in Government: An Agile, Low-Cost, and Compliant Solution for a Highly-Regulated Sector

Hosted desktops can help government organizations increase the accessibility of their files and applications, make it easier to perform OS and application upgrades and updates, improve data security, reduce energy usage, and lower their hardware and operational costs. Hosted desktops can be accessed from anywhere with any network-connected computer, thin Read More