The Internet of Things

To me, the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about my front door knowing when it's ME walking up to it and unlocking automatically. It's about my house knowing that I will be home soon and turning on my heating so it's nice and cozy when I get back home. Read More

Future Tech: Sky-Based Internet

You probably have an ok internet connection, but when you compare your internet to something like Google Fiber, you begin to realize how bad it really is. It's not that your ISP cannot give you better internet, they just do not want to. And while sometimes it seems like we Read More

The Benefits of Hosted Desktops for Banks, Part 1

The main benefits to banks of signing up for hosted desktops include increased security, reliability, manageability, and cost-efficiency. Hosted desktops make it easier to protect your clients’ data and comply with regulations such as GLBA and PCI DSS; are less susceptible to downtime; are relatively easy to manage and maintain Read More

How Colleges Can Benefit from Hosted Desktops

Hosted desktops can benefit higher-ed institutions by decreasing their IT costs and increasing the manageability, accessibility, flexibility, and security of their IT. Hosted desktops, as we’ve explained before, are (usually Windows) desktop operating systems that are installed and maintained on the servers of an IT hosting company and accessed Read More

Why the Cloud Is More Reliable than Onsite IT

Cloud computing is generally more reliable than traditional in-house, onsite IT. By “reliable” we mean that it experiences less downtime and is more consistently accessible. For the most part, the cloud is more reliable than in-house, onsite IT because cloud providers can afford to implement more advanced “high availability” measures. Read More