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Iron Orbit Phone: Features and Benefits, Part 1

Iron Orbit Phone is Iron Orbit’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. The main benefit of this service is that it can significantly reduce your business’s phone bill. It also allows employees to connect to your company’s internal phone system and make and receive calls using their work number from anywhere with any VoIP-compatible device.

Furthermore, it can provide you with a more professional, efficient, and manageable phone system, since Iron Orbit Phone comes with many more phone system and call management features for no additional cost than a standard landline, including auto-attendant menu systems, time-based routing, call queues, call groups, voicemail-to-email, bridging, find me/follow me, and call detail recording.

VoIP is a technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls primarily via the Internet instead of primarily over a landline or mobile network. To use VoIP, you just need to be signed up for a VoIP service such as Iron Orbit Phone, be connected to the Internet, and have either a VoIP-compatible device (such as a VoIP phone or a normal phone with a VoIP adapter) or VoIP software that’s compatible with your VoIP service installed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

If you’re using a VoIP phone, the processes of making and receiving calls with VoIP shouldn’t be any different from making and receiving calls with a regular landline phone: to make a call, you pick up the receiver and dial; to receive an incoming call, you pick up the receiver. VoIP software, meanwhile, is usually pretty similar to the phone software on a smartphone: to dial, you type in a phone number and select “Call” or something similar; and to receive an incoming call, you select “Accept” or something similar.

VoIP can be used to call and receive calls from both other VoIP users and users of other phone networks, including the landline networks and mobile networks. When you sign up for your VoIP service, you can either use an existing phone number for your VoIP line or select a new one.

VoIP is usually cheaper than a landline because it relies for the most part on a service that you already pay for, the Internet; because VoIP uses a more efficient method of transferring data than landlines (packet switching instead of circuit switching); and because it’s usually less costly to transfer data via the Internet than landline phone networks. For example, phone companies usually charge about \$50 or more for a business landline with unlimited domestic calling, while many VoIP providers only charge about \$25 per month per line for a VoIP service with unlimited domestic calling.

In addition, the international rates of VoIP services are usually a fraction of those of a landline; it generally costs less to add phone system and call management features to a VoIP service than to a landline; and even entry-level VoIP service packages often include phone system and call management features that no-frills landlines do not.

In the second part of this article, we’ll finish describing the features and benefits of VoIP, and also explain the advantages that Iron Orbit Phone has over other VoIP services.