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Iron Orbit Phone: Features and Benefits, Part 2

This is the second part of the article, “Iron Orbit Phone: Features and Benefits, Part 1.”

VoIP can improve the professionalism, efficiency, and manageability of your phone systems if your new VoIP system has phone system and call management features that your prior phone setup did not. For example, an auto-attendant menu system can ensure that calls are quickly routed to the proper person or department and make your company seem more established and reputable, while allowing you to avoid having to hire a fulltime receptionist. Time-based routing can route callers to an available employee or directly to voicemail when they attempt to call an employee that isn’t available or an office that has closed for the day. Voicemail-to-email lets employees listen to their voicemails from their email inbox, in any order they want.

Other phone system and call management features included with most VoIP services include:

  • Call detail recording (CDR) (which keeps records of data such as the time and duration of each call)

  • Call groups (which is when a single call rings the phones of multiple employees)

  • Call holding

  • Call monitoring (which allows supervisors to listen in on and join calls)

  • Call parking

  • Call queues

  • Call recording

  • Call transferring

  • Caller ID

  • Conference calling

  • Find me/follow me (which is when a single call rings the multiple phones of a single person [for example, both a VoIP office phone and a smartphone], either all at once or sequentially)

  • Hold music

  • Voicemail

Many VoIP services also have web-based portals that administrators can use to monitor and manage their VoIP system. Admins can use these portals to do things such as create users, add devices, assign extensions, create and configure auto-attendant menus, create and configure call groups and queues, select hold music, set up conference calls, listen to call recordings, and view phone records at the user, group, and company levels.

Most VoIP services these days, including Iron Orbit Phone, are 100 percent cloud-based, which means that they don’t require the installation and maintenance of any onsite hardware, like \$1,000+ VoIP gateways. This also means that VoIP users can make and receive VoIP calls from anywhere with any VoIP-compatible device by default.

Iron Orbit Phone has several advantages over other VoIP services. These include:

We’ll set it up for you. Setting up a VoIP solution requires you to do things such as add users; add, integrate, and configure devices; set up your auto-attendant menu; and configure and optimize your network for VoIP traffic. With Iron Orbit Phone, you don’t have to worry about having to deal with the complex and time-consuming process of setting up your VoIP solution, because Iron Orbit will set up your VoIP deployment for you.

We guarantee 100 percent uptime. Iron Orbit ensures that you’ll always be able to access your VoIP solution with downtime prevention measures such as 24x7x365 monitoring and maintenance, redundant hardware, electricity, and Internet, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and standby diesel generators. We guarantee 100 percent uptime, so that your business will never be unable to make or receive a call because of the unavailability of your VoIP solution.

Iron Orbit Phone comes with free 24x7x365 technical support. We offer 24x7x365 technical support via phone and email with Iron Orbit Phone, if you need help configuring, access, or using it. Our VoIP technicians and engineers are all certified, extensively-trained, and highly-experienced. In addition, we don’t use overseas call centers—all of our support personnel are North America-based and native English speakers (though we also offer technical support in Spanish).

We also offer hosted desktops, hosted servers, and hosted applications. Iron Orbit is more than just a VoIP provider—we’re a leading managed IT hosting company that also offers fully-managed and -supported hosted desktops, hosted servers, and hosted applications. Therefore, with Iron Orbit, you can sign up for additional hosted IT solutions without having to maintain relationships with multiple IT service providers or having to keep track of and pay multiple bills.

To sign up for Iron Orbit Phone today, contact an Iron Orbit sales representative at sales@ironorbit.com or 1-888-753-5060.