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Jason Pietryga

I'm a Senior Content Writer for Iron Orbit. In writing for the Iron Orbit Orbital Academy, I want to help the public to better understand what our services are, how they work, and their benefits.

Anaheim Hills, CA http://www.ironorbit.com/ 94 posts

Can you help with migrations?

Yes. Iron Orbit can migrate all of the data from your PC (including all of your applications, files and settings) to your hosted desktop, so that it looks the same as your physical PC—though the hosted desktop you can access from anywhere with any internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. Read More

What security measures do you have in place?

We have extensive security technologies and protocols, which can be grouped under 4 main categories: Environmental security to keep the data center environment optimal, such as HVAC, smoke detectors and fire suppression. Logical and system security to protect software assets from cyber-attacks, viruses, and unwanted content. Operational security, including security Read More

Virtual Reality Is Back!

Virtual reality may seem like the hot new tech trend of the moment, but the idea of virtual reality has actually been around since the 1950s and like most crazy new ideas involving technology, it came from science fiction. In the early 1950s Stanley G. Weinbaum wrote a book called Read More

What Is Big Data?

It is easy to get caught up in the #bigdata hype and, after reading the headlines or vendor marketing materials, conclude that you absolutely need big data working for you in some way. Or, you just might have heard the term big data and brushed it off as something that's Read More

Digital Currency: Bitcoins

The Winklevoss twins are big supporters of Bitcoin. This is all some people need to hear to determine whether they support or oppose the recently-invented currency. But for those of you that remain undecided (about whether Bitcoin is a viable currency, not whether the Winklevoss twins have any business sense) Read More

Password-Less Authentication

We all know passwords are broken. We all also know that even though we shouldn't, we use the same easy-to-remember passwords for pretty much everything that needs a password. You may be slightly more sophisticated and use a password generator like 1Password which makes creating and remembering unique passwords easy. Read More

Future Tech: Self-Driving Cars

Talk about self driving cars is everywhere. Only yesterday I was reading about how one self driving car operated by Google cut off a second self driving car operated by a competitor whilst they were both on the road. The world’s very first instance of computer-controlled road rage incidents, Read More