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Jason Pietryga

I'm a Senior Content Writer for Iron Orbit. In writing for the Iron Orbit Orbital Academy, I want to help the public to better understand what our services are, how they work, and their benefits.

Anaheim Hills, CA http://www.ironorbit.com/ 94 posts

What is Iron Orbit?

Iron Orbit is a leading provider of cloud hosted IT solutions. Our solutions include hosted desktops, hosted applications and hosted servers. We are a subsidiary of SACA Technologies, a managed IT services provider headquartered in Orange County, California. Read More

What is a hosted desktop?

A hosted desktop is simply an operating system that is hosted on the web rather than a local server. Hosted desktops can be accessed from any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone. They are faster, more secure and more reliable than local PCs, and allow you to seamlessly transition your workflow Read More

What's included?

All of our solutions include 24/7 monitoring, security, disaster recovery (including data backups) and unlimited 24/7 technical support for no additional charge. Read More

Does it include backup & disaster recovery?

Yes. We have a number of systems in place for backup and disaster recovery. We operate a network of geographically separated data centers that store files on redundant servers. We also use enterprise virtualization technologies that take snapshots of your desktop at continuous intervals, guaranteeing that a system can always Read More

Is it compliant?

Yes. We have taken every measure to ensure that all of our solutions are compliant with all pertinent industry regulations. Additionally, we offer compliance-as-a-service for clients in need of of assistance with compliance help on their systems. Read More