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The 5 Reasons That Cloud Applications Are Better (And What To Do About It)

In a business IT environment, apps are where the magic happens. You use apps to create documents, manage logistics, do your accounting, and much more. So much is done on apps today, that they could be called the 21st century equivalent of the spreadsheet, calculator and printing press, all rolled into one.

It’s no surprise that the usefulness of your applications determines to a very large extent the success of your business. But sadly, too many businesses have not taken active steps to optimize their apps for the 21st century. One way that many businesses suffer is by still using locally-installed apps.

Locally-installed apps (apps that run on your hard drive) are quickly becoming outdated, as cloud-hosted apps offer better performance, uptime, security and accessibility. When you host your apps in the cloud, they can be accessed any time, anywhere, by any employee—even in the event of key system failure. In other words, cloud apps outperform locally installed apps by almost every relevant metric.

While most businesses still run apps the “old school” way, there is no reason you can’t make the switch to cloud hosting today and enjoy the many benefits of the new approach. In this article we will look at 5 key benefits of cloud-hosted applications—and what you can do if you want to take your apps to the next level.

1) Increased speed and performance

Cloud apps have better speed and performance than locally installed apps. The reason is that cloud apps are not affected by the usual performance lags that come from a cluttered hard drive. No matter how conscientious you are about de-fragging your system, deleting unused files, and optimizing performance, there will still be some system “rot” that slows your computer—and your applications—down. Cloud-hosted servers are less vulnerable to this, because they are more dedicated; in other words, the servers aren’t “cluttered up” by hundreds of files, apps, viruses and rootkits.

2) Increased uptime

Cloud apps that are run on redundant servers enjoy much better uptime than locally installed apps. The reason is simple: cloud-hosted apps can be accessed from any computer, so even if individual systems crash, your apps can still be accessed elsewhere.

3) Better accessibility

Cloud-hosted desktop can be accessed anywhere, by anybody with internet access. Whether you’re in your office in California, on a business trip in Tokyo, or even in the middle of a flight, you can access your apps when you need them. This is a crucial benefit if you travel a lot or have employees who work remotely or outside the office.

4) Platform-independence

Cloud applications are generally platform-independent or very close to it. This means that you can access them on any common internet accessible platform: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Although not all cloud apps are platform independent, they do much better than locally installed apps. Local apps need to be written with a specific operating system in mind, while cloud apps are generally accessed in the browser, meaning that you can access them from virtually any OS.

5) Better security

Cloud-hosted applications also have security benefits over locally-installed apps. First, cloud servers typically have high levels of encryption, making them difficult for hackers to access. Second, servers are hosted in data centers that have high levels of physical security, making them immune to environmental disasters, theft and other issues that can result in system compromise. Although cloud applications do have one security vulnerability in that they can be accessed remotely, the costs are more than outweighed by the benefits (encryption, redundant servers and physical security).

The bottom line?

By taking your apps the cloud, you will enjoy countless benefits that will make your business better. You’ll enjoy better speed and performance, never having to worry about system lag and performance deterioration. You’ll enjoy more uptime, with fully redundant servers that almost never fail. You’ll be able to access your apps from anywhere, even if you’re travelling or out of the office. You’ll be able to access your apps from almost any platform, desktop or mobile. And finally, you’ll enjoy better security, with encryption and physical security protecting your app data at all times.

At Iron Orbit, we specialize in cloudifying apps for businesses. Armed with the nearly 20 years of experience, we offer competitive fees, SUPPORT, unlimited bandwidth, real-time security monitoring, customization and data recovery. If you want to take your applications to the next level, consider taking them to the cloud.

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